Bio Zombie [Movie Review]

image Wonderfully Terrible! This is not a movie that’s so bad it’s funny. No, every moment of camp and comedy is intentional and successful. Without a doubt this is the best campy zombie comedy I’ve ever seen, and, unlike many films, the trailer gives you a very good idea of what to expect. The dialogue is simultaneously well written, and intentionally terrible. The makeup is bad, and it doesn’t matter in the least, actually it may add to the humor. With protagonists named Woody Invincible, and Crazy Bee, and the Sushi Boy in love transformed into a zombie in love, you can’t go wrong, well… you could, but they didn’t. “What about Shaun of the Dead?” you ask. Shaun’s a favorite of mine, but it’s not a cheesy campy film. Plus, with Bio Zombie you get “Engrish” subtitles and bad dubbing. Actually it’s dubbed well, but there’s been no attempt to match it to the lips and the intentionally bad dialogue makes it like watching an old kung-fu flick. We thoroughly enjoyed watching it with the dubbing AND the Engrish subtitles for added humor. If you’re looking for a campy zombie film to laugh at with your friends, this is an excellent choice.