Finding the Github Pull Request for a topic branch

Finding the Github pull request associated with a branch. Work on a large enough project, with other people and sooner or later you’re going to find some commit, or branch, and want to know what was in the pull request that merged it in. Maybe you want to see what other commits got merged over at the same time. Maybe you want to see what the diff was at that point in time.

Bonsai Coding

Writing code is a lot like maintaining a Bonsai Tree. If you stop pruning it it’ll stop being a Bonsai and turn into a bush. Little tweaks, frequently aesthetic ones, will help to keep it beautiful and under control. It will still grow in unexpected directions, as other developers make changes, but careful pruning will keep it balanced, and healthy. What is “careful pruning” then? Each file is a branch on our tree.

The Daily Team Tracker Worksheet

The Daily Standup Meeting is a core aspect of Agile development. The simplified idea is that you want to start the day with a very quick status check of what everyone’s working on, and helps “…to coordinate efforts to resolve difficult and/or time-consuming issues”. But, how do you keep track of the things your minions are working on today and deal with your own tasks, and 400 daily interruptions? For me the answer was to put together the Daily Team Tracker Worksheet.

[Review] CruxSKUNK iPad keyboard / case

The backstory Once upon a time there was a Kickstarter to make the world’s most awesome keyboard / case … thing to “Turn your iPad® into a laptop”. As with most hardware projects on Kickstarter the expected delivery date came and went, and came and went again, but I feel the folks at Crux did a great job of keeping the backers informed, and the reasons it got set back almost always boiled down to them not being willing to accept half-assed Chinese manufacturing even if it would have gotten it into our hands sooner.

The Thing About Today

The thing about today is that we have the power. We, can destroy this fear. Not by being stoic. Not by being “strong”. By smiling. By being human. By being the neighbors we wish we were surrounded by. Go outside. Smile at a stranger. Ask someone how they’re doing and mean it. Listen. Yesterday’s act was horrific, but I will light up this mother fucking town with smiles, because we are alive, and this world is filled with brilliant people with warm hearts, and their own 200 watt smiles, just waiting to shine.

Git push is not what you think

tldr; git’s default configuration with regards to push is potentially very dangerous. make sure you’ve run git config --global push.default current There are other options for push.default but make sure you read the docs before setting them. setting current as your default behavior means no more complaints about setting upstream when pushing. Perception vs. Reality vis-à-vis git push When it comes to git push most people think “It pushes my current branch’s updates up to the remote server” but that’s only a small part of what’s happening, and ignorance about the rest can leave you with very upset coworkers.

Support Engineering Wants You!

You A Boston area geek well versed in the arts of Triage and Web Development. Wielder of code machete in defense of users. Happy to kill the fast bugs and throw the big ones over the wall to eng. Willing to help buffer other engineers from a stream of interruptions and client requests. Creative thinker who’ll find ways to improve visibility, and increase customer smiles. Willing to code up reports, onboard clients, and find ways to make doing so faster.

Setting the Atomic Clock

This morning’s shower brought me an interesting series of thoughts that I thought you might appreciate, and it all started with the simple question of “How do you set The Atomic Clock?” My first thought was that at some point you have to find some other clock and precisely sync up with it. Then again, they may have said “fuck it” and just had Bob press a button when some other clock flipped over, but then I wondered “How do we know what time it is in the first place?

Some useful Vim plugins

There are two things that make using vim awesome… no there are about 200,000 but most of them involve adding a few lines to your .vimrc to enable them, or installing a plugin. My .vimrc is just over 300 lines after all these years of use and customization. But, rather than go into all that, I figured some of the vim geeks out there might appreciate a pointer to some of the plugins I use.

Mage Knight Co-Op Rules

We love the game Mage Knight, but the co-op rules are widely regarded as crap. The following rules have been collected primarily from Board Game Geek, an tweaked ever so slightly here, and there, in an effort to make the game cooperative and yet, still balanced. This document covers: Assistive Spellcasting Sharing of fame and loot Trading of cards, crystals, and units Modifications for Interactive cards Modifications for Interactive skill tokens