Why you should wear a bow tie

In many situations, the standard tie has become de rigueur, and so commonplace that it is generally only noticeable in its absence. This is not something that can be said of the bow tie.

Paisley Bow Tie

Imagine you’re going to a job interview. If you wear a tie no-one will take note of it (unless you’re a lady). It’s simply what you do. A bow tie on the other hand, says a number of things about you, and makes you more memorable.

A bow tie says that you have made a conscious decision to improve your appearance. It says that you are capable of making your own decisions, and not just follow some common list of what you “should” wear.

A bow tie says you are capable of not only making your own decisions, but are willing to display them publicly, and defend them when needed. - Sooner or later someone’s going to ask why you’re wearing a bow tie, and you’ll have a good reason or four.

A bow tie says that you have taken time to learn a skill that the vast majority of the men around you don’t have (learning to tie a bow tie).

A bow tie is memorable, if for no other reason than the fact that they are so rarely worn.

Sir Winston Churchill

Bow Tie Wearers: Sir Winston Churchill, Pee-wee Herman, PSY, The 11th Doctor, Indiana Jones, and the classic Playboy Bunny outfit (can’t forget the ladies).

Where to get one? Well, there are a variety of places, but I like checking OoOTie first, because they’re great guys, and second because have the best paisleys, plus nifty things like embroidered mars rovers, silk screened mustaches, and more. And no, I get nothing from promoting them.

P.S. For those days when you’re wearing a standard tie, please learn how to tie a Half Windsor or a Windsor. There are far too many lopsided tie knots in the world.