Rounding Things In Tinkercad

Table of Contents Overview Step-By-Step The Corners The “ears” Everything Else A Template For The Leather Conclusion Overview A Guide To Rounding Corners and Edges in Tinkercad. Alternately, how I spent way too much time modeling a dice tray. Rounding corners in Tinkercad is way more trouble than it ought to be. It’s not actually hard, it’s just really time consuming and requires a lot of steps. Once you wrap your head around the general approach you’ll be able to round anything.

Kinesis Advantage 360 Pro Review

Table of Contents High Level Summary The Hope The Good The Meh The Not Good The Bad Bluetooth Power Switches Charge Indicator When Things Go Wrong The Bridge Modifying The Keyboard Layout The Conclusion Update High Level Summary The Kinesis Advantage 360 Pro feels great. The ergonomics are better than the Advantage 2. The Bluetooth is buggy. The on/off switches are terrible. The mechanism for resetting it is worse than terrible.

Why Tabletop Role Playing Games Need Skills

Table of Contents Preface Skills in TTRPGs What’s a Skill Playing Without Skills Why That’s Not Enough How Skills Change Things What about Knowledge Checks? What about Perception & Investigation? Perception Investigation Clarification Conclusion Update Preface A recent episode of the Internet Office Hours: Role-Playing Games podcast was discussing the question of Skill Checks in Tabletop Role Playing Games (TTRPGs) and if they were actually needed. In designing my game I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this, and I thought I’d share my perspective.

Duct Tape & Baling Wire Methodology

Table of Contents Duct Tape & Baling Wire Premise, and Perspective Premise Flexible Makeshift Materials The “Wrong” Tool For The Job Quick & Dirty != Crap The Importance of Context The Methodology Duct Tape & Baling Wire A coding methodology for personal projects and proof of concepts. Premise, and Perspective Premise There is a time and place for following “best practices” as a developer. It is not “always”. Best practices should be followed when…

GraphQL Thoughts

Table of Contents Intro Thoughts Promises Only Retrieve The Data You need Fewer requests Get Data in the appropriate shape Your query’s shape will match the shape of the response Moves much of the data filtering and parsing back to the server An API reference document for people using it Combine data from multiple systems in 1 response Subscriptions (Implied Promise) Look Ma, it’s almost JSON Counterargument Intro Thoughts I’ve been mostly avoiding GraphQL and watching from the sidelines.

Notable Things about Pathfinder

Table of Contents Ancestries not Race Backgrounds are more meaningful Skills Feats aren’t just abilities Character Creation is easy The Archetypes So Many Classes You Don’t Need To Buy Books You Don’t Need Details Details Details Bookcraft The World All The Colors of the Rainbow The Adventure Paths What about Starfinder? What Next? Obligatory Disclaimer A friend asked what was notable about Pathfinder 2nd Edition in comparison to D&D 5th Edition.

Don't Overthink Your PKM

Overview It’s important for all knowledge workers to have a Personal Knowledge Management System (PKM). That doesn’t mean you need a fancy tool, or a complex process. Sometimes, the “stupid simple” solution is the best one. To that end, I wanted to talk through my wife’s system. It’s an important example because her choice to specifically not use any of the fancy purpose built tools has resulted in a better solution for her needs.

Other People's Personal Knowledge Management Isn't For You

Table of Contents Knowledge Management As A Survival Trait It’s not you, it’s me. Surviving The Torrent Of Information Falling Behind Ignore the things you don’t need Less is more Observe, Try, Steal, Refine, Repeat What Now? “Personal Knowledge Management” (PKM) feels like a lot of “bullshit” to many people. In this, I will speak to the idea that PKM isn’t bullshit. It’s just that other people’s ways of managing knowledge, just aren’t designed for your brain.

Mastodon Ownership

Overview A group calling itself “Mask Group” has purchased three of the largest mastodon instances. Mastodon users, especially people on those servers, should be very concerned. Why? There are some things you need to consider about mastodon to understand why this is very concerning. Large Mastodon instances are expensive to run. Mastodon is not a good platform for large advertisers for a number of reasons. This means that by buying a large mastodon instance you are signing up for a very large ongoing cost in a system whose current state is adverse to profit generation for the owners.

Rewriting Hey

Table of Contents Overview In the Beginning Final Totals Writing in Chicken Scheme Delusions of Sharability Crystal Lang Final Totals Writing in Crystal Fast-Forward… And then Raku Final Totals Writing in Raku Reflecting on the rewrites If you liked that… P.S. What about the email app with the same name? Overview “Hey!” started as an Interruption Tracker, and now supports Time Tracking too. It has been through 3 iterations: Chicken Scheme, Crystal, and now Raku.