What is 3D Printing Good For?

Table of Contents Overview Terminology Plastic types Misconceptions Strength Lasting Power Degradability Filament Reusability Food Safety Printing Minis What’s it good for? How I use Mine Things I have printed Warning Overview There are a lot of folks out there who are interested in 3D printing, but then they look at one of the many sites of free models like Printables and see a lot of silly tchotchkes that seem like a waste of plastic and space, or cheap things they can already buy cheaply like pen holders.

Wyrmwood Modular Table - Thoughts

Table of Contents Overview Table and Accessories The table itself Minor defects: The accessories The Hobby Shelf The Player Desk Cup Holders Card organizer The Topper Block & Tray Assembly Gotchas Instructions Tools Plywood Finish the screw holes Be cautious with dowel holes Attaching the Legs Should you get one Where then? Overview This post is broken down into two sections: thoughts on the table & accessories, assembly gotchas. This post will not go into many of the significant issues with the company’s leadership, and management.


Table of Contents Overview Some Perspective First, Something Good Is this a fighting game or not? Everything’s contradictory Missing tools Nonsensical cards Invalidating Player Abilities The token economy is broken Missing what makes PbtA great. Conclusion Overview ATMA is a rules-light no prep Tabletop Role Playing Game (TTRPG) that requires significant improvisational work by all players in order to figure out how anything fits together. The mechanics kind-of work but leave you making up a lot of rules on the fly because they don’t cover a lot of common things.

On Generic TTRPG Systems

Table of Contents Overview Context It’s all about the fighting I want more The problem is hard If they’re not really generic… Overview I love the idea of generic role-playing games, but as time goes by I find myself caring less and less. Yet, there’s still something great about them. This post explores those thoughts. Context The basic premise of a Generic Tabletop Role-playing game is that you can learn this one system, and then play any kind of game with it.

Recycling 3D Prints

Table of Contents Overview Shredding Gotchas Extruding Gotchas Color Materials Thickness Winding Pelletizing Summary Overview Despite being “plant based” there are almost no 3D printer filaments that are actually compostable or biodegradable in any meaningful way. PLA needs oxygen, a temperature of 140+°F (60°C), and a variety of organic compounds to break down. You’re not going to find these outside of an industrial composting facility and most of them won’t take PLA anyway because it’s frequently mixed with other things that make it non-compostable.

Debugging Our Ambulance

Table of Contents Debugging Our Ambulance tl; dr: two developers use standard debugging techniques to fix electrical problems in their ambulance. Setting The Stage The Problem A debugging we will go Gather the initial known truths Propose Theories Choose A Theory And Test It Summary Afterward Debugging Our Ambulance tl; dr: two developers use standard debugging techniques to fix electrical problems in their ambulance. Setting The Stage We had to drop our car off at the dealership last night.

Red-Black Initiative

Table of Contents Overview Red-Black Initiative (RBI) Quick Rules summary What You’ll need. The Setup Who goes next? Introducing New Characters to the Fight Characters With Multiple Attacks or “Lair Actions” Keeping track of where you are in the initiative Once per fight, or once per round? Using beads, dice, or colored game tokens from a tabletop game. Meta-commentary Advantages Disadvantages Example usage Worksheet Inspiration Why “Red-Black” Initiative License Overview This document discusses a new1 form of managing initiative order for Tabletop Role Playing Games without math.

Sexism in Tabletop Role Playing Games

Table of Contents Overview Definitions Context The game, and its problems. The Male Gaze Comparative Representation Context Matters Contributors Wrap-up It doesn’t have to be like this. Summary Overview This post uses a recent Tabletop Role Playing Game (TTRPG) as a concrete example of the problems that still remain within our community. When it comes to including women, it seems that there are many things that “shouldn’t need to be said” but apparently still do.

The Remarkable 2 Tablet

Table of Contents The Remarkable 2 e-ink notebook Summary Context The Search The Review Why It’s Better Than Paper Pens, brushes, etc. Getting Things On and Off it Styluses Reading PDFs Gotchas & Warnings Final Thoughts Bonus Discovery The Remarkable 2 e-ink notebook Summary If you are the type of person who already takes a lot of handwritten notes in notebooks you’ll probably love it. Everyone else should probably skip it.

On Federating With Meta

Table of Contents tl;dr: An explanation It’s already started Going Forward What if they do get a toehold? But what about [insert company here] tl;dr: Meta and Google are existential threats to the continued existence of Mastodon (and friends). An existential threat is a threat to a people’s existence or survival. - The Brittanica Dictionary (editorial) The best way to guarantee the death of the things we love about Mastodon (and friends) is to allow Meta or Google to gain a toehold in the Fediverse.