You treat her like a sex toy.

You treat her like a sex toy.
Just pulling her out
when you need a quickie.

She’s not like that you know.
She wants a real relationship
and she’s more than capable
of supporting one.

But that’s all you ever see her for…
A quickie. A little bit-o-feel-good.
You pop her off to get the job done
but turn your nose up at her
when you catch a glimpse
of how kinky she’ll let you get.

You think her “objects” are fake.
But I’ll tell you something:
they are as real as that Java bitch’s
and twenty times more flexible.

You don’t see her for the powerful
woman she is.
You think she’s not good enough
for your “Enterprise”
and then you go and use her again…
squeezing in another quick one
between your “real” apps
when nobody’s looking.

She deserves better than you.
She deserves someone who’ll
appreciate her, who’ll dress her up,
and make her look pretty.
Someone who won’t be ashamed
to take her out in public.

Someone who’s loved her
since the beginning and isn’t
afraid to admin it…
isn’t afraid to sing it from the rooftops!

And I always will!