At least she knows exactly what she's doing

I’m a big fan of Laurell K Hamilton. My only complaint is that, as of late, both of her two major series have devolved into soft-core porn. The Anita Blake series started out fairly standard vampire hunter with love interest and became soft-core. Her Meredith Gentry series started out as soft-core. I just watcher her doing some Q & A at a book store and am happy to say that at least she has no misconceptions about this. When asked about having been approached with movie deals for her books she quipped:

“I wondered about the people who approached us for Merry. Have you read these books? I mean short of literally doing pornography, how could you do these books? I don’t know. I guess if you cut the sex out, and then, what’s the point?”

For anyone curious about her books, The Anita Blake series does get pretty good, but at the start of the series you can tell she hasn’t had much writing experience, and now fifteen books into it the writing is good but you’re wishing she’d leave the excessive sex in the Meredeth Gentry series.