What if I were to write my personal?

What if I were to write my personal?
What if it were true?
What if it spelled out in black and white the things I want in you?
What if it held nothing back: my faults, my hopes, my geek…

There are things I want
you’ll never be.
There are things you want
I’ll never have.
But maybe… just maybe…
that’s the way it’s meant to be.

Perfect little imperfections,
that together make up me.
Perfect little imperfections,
that define who we could be.

Thoughts, feelings,
wishes, dreams…


I’d love to write my personal
and show it here to you,
but I know it won’t be seen
by only you and me.

It’s too dangerous to be open
so we put on little shows,
that make a pretty face
to bring you to your toes.

Single white geeky guy seeks…. what? Love Family. The kiss
of a beautiful woman?
Yeah, that’s it.

Joy: closeness, comfort, laughter, surprises, tenderness, patience, support, desire, ambition, strength, confidence…

Further adjectives, adverbs, nouns and more available upon receipt of same.