Zombies!!! Player Turn Flow chart

I decided to make a flow chart to help new players in an upcoming attack of Zombies!!!. I think I may have gone a little overboard with the details, but it’s done now. This represents standard rules plus the Zombies!!! 6 (Six Feet Under) expansion, but you can just skip the subway and sewer bits if you don’t have that.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Zombies!!! there’s a good review / overview of Zombies!!! here. The biggest complaint people have about it is that it can run long. A nice atypical aspect of this game is that you absolutely will / must screw over your opponents repeatedly as opposed to most games where people tend to get annoyed with you if you do that. I liked it enough to go buy 2 expansions (3.5 and 6) and a bag of extra zombies (you’ll need ‘em when you have lots of people or expansion sets with tiles). You probably have to enjoy poking fun at the shambling zombie movie genre to enjoy this game.

A PDF of the flow chart. A PNG of the flow chart

The OmniGraffle file