Yes We Can

If you have any doubt, consider this. Don’t you want a president with fire in his heart? A president who is deeply frustrated by the current state of things? A president who will fight for real change? Climatologists tell us we have ten years, or less, to address climate change or the tipping point will have passed us, and there will be nothing we can do. The United States is responsible for using 25% of the fossil fuel on the planet. If we do not address this problem in THIS PRESIDENTIAL TERM we will be screwed. McCain isn’t convinced that we’re really responsible for global warming, despite the overwhelming scientific evidence that we are. Palin is convinced that humans and dinosaurs walked the planet at the same time…

Don’t you want a president who, in these final days, is campaigning about issues, instead of trying to convince the American people that his opponent is a terrorist?

I have never been convinced of a candidate as truly representing real change, as being truly different until this campaign. I have never been truly scared of the potential for one of the candidates getting into office, until this campaign.

I want this man, this fire: