The hyprocisy of Amazon

Don’t get me wrong, as a customer I love Amazon. But their recent policy towards mobile devices is BS. In 2003 Amazon said

”…wireless users find themselves living in an increasingly mobile world. Mobile phones are a commodity. Users have grown accustomed to staying connected while on-the-go. As smart mobile device penetration grows, more and more users are expecting their devices to provide anytime, anywhere connections to data services and information.”

And then went on to extol the virtues of a company that used their web services to make mobile phone apps. And yet, in 2008 when this has never been more true. Amazon refuses any developer the ability to use their web services from a mobile device while they simultaneously make one of their own. The associates program has been a huge success, and in a time when they are more than happy to have desktop and web apps using their service, and have more infrastructure to support requests than they’ve ever had, they won’t let anyone but themselves do it from a phone. That’s just hypocritical BS amazon. If you’ve got a good reason for refusing us access to your API from mobile devices then please, make it known. Otherwise, I, and my fellow developers are Calling Bullshit on your actions.