I give up. You and your ads can piss off.

A month ago I lamented that the excessive use of ads on sites was getting to be too much for me. Well, after a week where it seemed that every other article I went to read had a full page ad (or “welcome page” as Forbes called it) that I had to wait or click through to get to the article, which was still totally overrun with ads, I have given up and installed an ad blocker. To all the sites who haven’t been abusing their priveleges I’m sorry. I really do want you to profit from my visitation. I really don’t want to have to pay for your services, and I realize you’d probably loose money if you switched to a subscription model, but I just can’t take this shit anymore. I’d say that if the offending sites cleaned up their acts I’d turn the ad blocker back off, but honestly, now that they’re gone, I won’t notice if they do. With Google talking about including ad blocking software as a default plugin in upcoming Chrome releases, you should seriously rethink your strategy. When we reach the point when all browsers have ad block software build in with no download required, you better pray to all your respective deities that you haven’t been abusing your visitors. Alas, you’ve already lost any income from me, and the 30+ MILLION other browsers that have installed Adblock Plus. If you think your excessive ads won’t hurt your bottom line, you are sorely mistaken.