Hyundai is Brilliant

(and why you should support them) Right now, most people are a little concerned about their jobs. Right now, the economy is going to shit because people are buying less. Part of this is the banks not giving out many loans. Part of it is that people have less income, or fear a sudden loss of it. But, Hyundai has just done something absolutely brilliant. They’ve made an offer: buy one of their cars, and if you loose your job within a year, you can give it back. On the surface this seems incredibly generous, and in a way, it is. But, the risk to them is probably quite small. You see, car manufacturers let people return cars all the time. It’s called a lease. But normally they get cars back with two years of wear and tear. With this deal, whatever cars they get back, come back with only one year of wear. Sales are down for all car manufacturers. Dramatic measures are going to be required for them to make it through this. And this, is awesome, because everybody wins. And, as far as the cars go? Once upon a time I spent $2,000 on a used Hyundai. I drove it for years, and if it hadn’t left town with my ex, I’d still be driving it now. It wasn’t perfect. But, it was one of the best, and most affordable, cars I’ve ever owned. As far as I’m concerned , it was totally undervalued. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy one again. And, if you need a new car? I think you should give Hyundai some real consideration, if for no other reason than the fact that they have the courage, and intelligence, to make you an offer like this. P.S. While the company may be brilliant, their web designers are beyond retarded. The main site is completely blank in Safari, and their USA site actuallycloses the windowwhen you try and go there in Safari. I’m not kidding. It’s all “No! I’m not decent!” *slams the door in your face*. Actually, maybe it’s just having an affair and wants you to think it’s indecent. Because, when you show up in Firefox it’s all “Hellooo sexy. Wanna come in and…view my ‘curves’?”