Are you missing the point entirely?

This keeps happening to me. I follow a link from one interesting blogger to another, read some post that sparks a question in my mind. Maybe it’s related to the post, maybe it’s an unrelated question for the poster. Sometimes I’ve tracked down their site because I found a bug in some open source software they wrote… either way, I’m on their site and I’m trying to contact them. But guess what? There’s no freaking e-mail link anywhere, not even on the “About” page. In fact there’s no way to contact them directly at all. Sometimes I’ll find a link to Flickr, which I happen to know lets members send little messages to each other, but *seriously?!”*What is the fucking point of writing posts on your blog if you’re not going to give anyone a way to respond?”

If I’m “lucky” they have comments enabled on their blog so if I wanted to be an ass I could leave a “I know this has nothing to do with this post and this really isn’t the place for this question, but you’ve left me no alternative….” comment on some random post.”

Usually, these are geek’s blogs, probably sick of getting comment and e-mail spam, which I can totally empathize with, but, if you’re a programmer you are arguably smart enough to figure out one of the many many ways to stick your e-mail address on a site without the bots getting it. You can obfuscate it, you can encode it, or, safest of all, you can just stick it in an image. I should not have to do a freaking whois lookup on your domain name to find a way to contact you!

Blogging is a form of communication. Just spouting off words with no hope of anyone responding is roughly equivalent to wearing a sandwich-board with “Repent! The end is nigh!” in one foot high letters and yelling about how God is coming for us *nowwww!!!*You’re both spouting off about something you care about and neither of you have any real chance of actually communicating with anyone. The only difference is that you’re not a nutter.

So please, put a fucking way to contact you on your god damn blog or stop writing interesting shit. One or the other. I don’t care which.


P.S. If you want to contact me. Feel free. I’ve got seven different ways listed on that page, and my phone number’s on my resume, which I’m not linking to because I’m not looking for a new job and because I don’t really want to talk to people on the phone. So :P P.P.S I’ve always made it a point to make it easy for people to contact me on the blogs I’ve had over the past ten plus years and I’ve never had a problem with it. I use good spam filters on my e-mail and my comments (because I’m not an idiot), and am not afraid of blocking someone on IM, although that only ever seemed to be a problem on ICQ. When someone wants to ask a question, or share a comment about something I’ve written they can, and I treasure the knowledge that I’ve written something interesting enough to spark a thought in someone’s brain worth writing down.