I almost Forgot ~ Buffs make everything better ~ Great comfort item

So, In my list of items in my kit ( http://masukomi.posterous.com/write-up-on-my-kit-the-things-that-worked-and ) I totally forgot to mention my Buffs. This is most likely due to the fact that I wear them every day anyway so I don’t really think about them much.

One around the neck. Kept it from getting to chilly and I hate the feeling of those tiny bugs that seem to manage to ping off your throat from time to time. 70 mph mosquito impact on an exposed throat is not a pleasant feeling. On the cold wet day when I was driving through a cloud I swapped it for a polar buff. As expected, it was perfect.

One over my hair, well, most of my hair. It kept stray strands from sneaking out and annoying my eyes when I put the helmet on, or while driving down the road. Also, made it possible to move in the tiny one-skinny-person tent, because without one my nearly waist-length hair would have been totally obscuring my vision and getting under my hands, and generally being a pain in the ass. When I road the bottom of my hair was shoved down into my suit because if I leave it out in the wind it instantly turns into a mass of knots, and I forgot to pack my brush.

Yes, it’s one of those inventions that seems “duh”, but so is the nail, and yet somehow they’re both still awesome.



I think I might get a Typhoon Buff for the next adventure…

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