A realization ~ Why hadn't I noticed this ~ Never a long day

I was thinking about my trip and had one of those awesome, yet so simple, realizations.

I never had a “long day” on the bike. Like many of you, I sit in my cube day in and day out, and by three o’clock on most of those days it’s already feeling long, and my brain just starts thinking about going home. But that never happened on the bike. Even when I was ridding ten hours a day I can’t remember a single day that felt “long”. Sure, on some of them my shoulder muscles were really hurting badly for hours on end, but mentally it never felt like a long day. There were boring times, and frustrating times, but never times when you were just desperate for it to end. And what an *amazing* thing that is.

Ten years ago I’d loose myself in programming; disappear for the better part of a day into code. But it’s hard for me to find projects like that any more. And I realize that even if I don’t find what I’m looking for on my next trip, I’ll have had a couple months of days that were never “too long”. Maybe more if I don’t stop riding. ;)