It's only been three days...

We took a test run this weekend; seeing how the gear works for the big trip in December. It was only three days, but now I’m back, out of the shower, and about to start my morning routine. And, the truth is I feel a bit overwhelmed at the prospect. So much…. internet.

So much data. So much news. And so little of it actually matters.

I’ve already falling back into the mindset of being on the road. Just ride…. grab half way through the day and guess how far you can make it before dark. See if there’s a campground nearby ride some more. Try and find as many beautiful things to see and photograph as possible. Repeat.

I learned a lot on this test run. Not just about riding with my new partner, but about why some things worked so well on the last trip, and failed to on this one. I’ll write that all up in another post, but right now. I’m a little afraid to “jack in”… and it’s only been three days.