It's not a "blog"...

Listen, you are an intelligent person, but someone has led you astray, and it is driving me nuts.

When you blog some information for the world to see, what you have created is a “post” more specifically, it is a “blog post”. Sometimes they’re “entries” but that’s more commonly associated with diary style blogs. In some cases a post could be considered an “article”, but those posts are never, ever, a “blog”.

Blog, as a noun, is short for web log, as in, “there were many entries in his log”. It is a collection of entries, and never a single entry itself.

Blog can, of course, also be used as a verb, in which case it is the act of creating one or more posts for a blog.

When you tell people that you have “a new blog” you are telling them that you have a new log of entries separate from any existing one. This is almost always an indication that you’ve decided to start creating a series of posts that are topically separate from the posts on your current blog. You are not telling people that you have added a new post to your existing log.

Unfortunately the latter is almost always what you intended to convey. So please, please, for all the people who follow you on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and anywhere else you give notice of new posts, stop calling your posts blogs.

P.S. Some people have countered by suggesting that language is mutable and constantly evolving. While this is true, the word blog has not mutated to the point that it is interchangeable with the word “post”. Using it as a replacement currently only serves to demonstrate an ignorance of the actual meaning, and confuse your readers who know better. You’re an intelligent person. Don’t make yourself look ignorant.