Announcing ListfulThinking

Friends, Romans, Countrymen! Lend me your ears.

Actually, that should read, “Friends, Romans, and Countrymen who own iPads or Macs!”

Eight years ago I stumbled across a brilliant way of creating a self-organizing ToDo list. My initial proof-of-concept app was really ugly, but worked wonderfully. A few years later, I translated the method into a paper version, which looked great, and worked pretty well. Sadly, lines on paper aren’t very good about rearranging themselves on command. So this year Alexander ( our wonderful Russian programmer ) and I have been working to create a beautiful version of this app with all the features I wished the previous incarnations had.

ListfulThinking Logo

If you find yourself staring at your tasks list wondering “What should I work on next?!” or simply feel overloaded by the size of the list, you need to go here and sign onto our announcement list. If you find little tasks slipping through the cracks, then go here and sign onto our announcement list. We’ll drop you a note when we’re ready for beta testers, and we’ll drop you a note when it hits the App Stores.

Want to help make ListfulThinking the best ToDo app for you? Take one minute and reply to the signup confirmation e-mail. Or poke @ListfulSupport on Twitter. Tell us what frustrates you about your current task management system. Are you losing tasks? Or tell us the most awesome thing about it that you don’t think anyone can beat. I don’t care if you’re using OmniFocus, pen and paper, or carefully timed carrier pigeons. We want to hear from you, because every insight helps.

So, if you’re wishing your ToDo list would organize itself, please sign onto our announcement list and be one of the first to give it a try.

P.S. ListfulThinking’s excellent logo was designed by Doug Fuller If you need a logo designed, and are willing to pay for quality, I’d highly recommend you drop him a line.