Twitter Employees Should Take the Severance


Musk has given the remaining employees an ultimatum: come back to the office, sign up for 'hardcore' work, or take 3 months severance and get out.

Acknowledging that there are some people who can't really say "no" because of visa issues, or other complicated home situations….

Aside from them, who would say "Yes! Sign me up for 'hardcore' working hours…

  • for a boss who regularly fires people who politely correct his lies about your work,
  • in a place where morale is going to be "in the shitter" for a very long time
  • in a place where incredibly important sections of the staff have been fired
  • in a place where you can't trust the boss's claims from day to day
  • where 40hrs probably won't be enough. It's not 'hardcore'
  • where all protections have been removed for communities who need them
  • where the boss fired the Ethical AI team
  • where the boss is anti-trans, and racist
  • where there's no hope of a stock pay-out
  • where daring to take time for mental health, or sickness, or caring for a loved one, will most likely be seen as "not being a team player"
  • where you have to come into the office even though the boss doesn't
  • where the boss is actively running the company into the ground faster than anyone believed possible
  • where the boss has already explicitly said they might just go bankrupt
  • where the boss has scared off all of next year's pre-booked advertisers (~15% of income)
  • where the boss has explicitly said it might go bankrupt.
  • where the interest on debt was unaffordable before the acquisition and now is radically worse
  • where the company is likely to have millions of dollars in fines for violating EU regulations

Twitter Employees: You're smarter than that. TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN.