Vampire Bug [Definition]

Vampire Bug: n. something that worked when you went to bed at 2AM, but when exposed to the light of the next day dies horribly. Typically the exposure proves that it couldn’t possibly have been working at 2AM either.

Cheshire [Definition]

Cheshire: the collective noun for sidecar motorcycles (alternately known as “hacks”) owing to the extraordinarily high probability of generating smiles in the people they pass relative to all other vehicles. Usage: “Upon encountering a cheshire of sidecars one should strongly consider playing the lottery.” or “Wow! There goes a cheshire of hacks.”

Developershare [definition]

Developershare: adj. The percentage or proportion of the total available pool of developers that is coding for a particular product or platform. Example: Regardless of how good the Palm Pre is, Palm will be hard-pressed to steal any of iPhone’s developershare.

Buzzbuling [Definition]

Buzzbuling (v.) What a really good, but not fully-formed idea does in your head. A good idea buzzes. An idea that isn’t fully formed bubbles up. A really good ideas that isn’t fully formed buzzes around your brain with potential whilst bubbling up. Thus, buzzbuling. The added U is a result of needing to distinguish it from the truly scary concept of buzzing “bling”.

typelation [Definition]

typelation: n. The act of converting speech, or thoughts, into text for a text-based conversation (e-mail, instant messages, etc.). Example: The joke lost something in the typelation.