Dear Esperanto Beginner

Dear Esperanto Beginner: I love Twitter, butI have not found a good place for a beginner to practice their Esperanto there. So, I made @praktiku. Say hello to @praktiku and practice with me. You don’t need to be skillful, just willing to practice. Kara Esperanto Komencanto: Mi amas Twitter, sed mi ne trovis sekura placo por komencantoj praktiki sian Esperanton tie. Do, mi faris @praktiku. Diru saluton al @praktiku, kaj praktiku kun mi.

Adding Press and Hold Characters to macOS (OS X)

EDIT: As of Monterrey Apple has completely locked down the files you need to edit. There are 2 ways I know of to do this, and neither of them is as good. use TextExpander. You can tell it that when you type cx to “expand” it to ĉ. You’ll probably have to copy the character you want from here or any other page with it. Then do the same for all the other characters that need ˆ.