Great Apps for Your New iPad

A quick listing of some of my favorite iPad apps, which I hope new iPad owners may find useful. Reading Early Edition 2 A newspaper style feed reader. This is the best app of this genre on any platform. It does crash from time to time, but not enough to be particularly annoying. My recommendation is to not put your full list of feeds into it. Instead, put a selected subset of them that would work well if you were reading them in a physical newspaper.

The $11.09 iPad typing stand

The Problem When you check out the iPad at an Apple store they’re all lined up on little lucite stands with a grippy top and a slight angle so that they’re simultaneously easy to view and easy to type on. I love those stands. I’d totally buy one, but I can’t. [Update: now you can buy something even better. Check out the Loop from Griffin and their A-Frame the goal here was to create a stand that would hold your iPad securely, would let you easily read the screen, and type comfortably on.