Major MObtvse Update

I’ve just merged the experimental branch of MObtvse into master. This represents a huge update and in addition to the feature list below there’s a nice update to the default theme, great new editor, improved Kudos integration on the admin screen, and a number of more subtle improvements. I’m really happy with the progress I’ve been able to make on MObtvse in my free time, and if you’ve been considering it, now is definitely the time to grab it from Github and give it a spin.

Introducing MObtvse

Today, I would like to introduce you to MObtvse. It’s a fork of Nate Wienert’s Obtvse, a Markdown based blogging system written with Ruby on Rails. Obtvse is itself, a reverse engineering of the Svbtle blogging platform / network. The notable differences between MObtvse and Obtvse are that: MObvtse uses MongoDB via MongoID MObtvse allows posts to be tagged. Readers can click the tags to see all other posts with the same tag, and Administrators can use the tag cloud to help find specific, or related, posts.