Rewriting Hey

Table of Contents Overview In the Beginning Final Totals Writing in Chicken Scheme Delusions of Sharability Crystal Lang Final Totals Writing in Crystal Fast-Forward… And then Raku Final Totals Writing in Raku Reflecting on the rewrites If you liked that… P.S. What about the email app with the same name? Overview “Hey!” started as an Interruption Tracker, and now supports Time Tracking too. It has been through 3 iterations: Chicken Scheme, Crystal, and now Raku.

I used AI to generate products & write copy for my store

Table of Contents Quick Summary It started as a joke… The work Begins… Generating images Prepping images RedBubble The site Know Thyself That Sweet Marketing Copy Final Thoughts Will I share my code? What’s my favorite? So Many Images Quick Summary I used Midjourney to generate art that I threw on t-shirts, coasters, and almost everything else RedBubble offers. Then I used OpenAI to generate copy for it, and combined that with a handful of custom scripts to generate a product site called Bed Bath & The Beyond.

Raku Signature Errors with Arrays & Hashes

A quick post to help future Raku geeks understand a couple of confusing error messages: expected Positional[Array] but got Array and expected Associative[Hash] but got Hash These are conceptually the same problem. If you've received one of these errors it means you've double-specified your parameter by using the @ or % and Array or Hash. A parameter of Hash %foo says "I would like to be passed something that implements Associative and has a Hash in it.