Libraries, Fameworks, and DSLs

One of my coworkers was trying to understand the differences between libraries, frameworks, and DSLs and asked me …how do I know what i’m using when all these things are interacting and being used within each other, etc To some degree, you don’t, and it doesn’t matter, but that’s not a very helpful answer. So let me step back and talk about what each of these are.┬áLibraries Libraries are the simplest.

The thing about Mock Objects

You can tell weather or not someone really “gets” unit testing by asking them one simple question, “Do you use mock objects?” Almost invariably, they will say “no”. Even people who have totally gotten the testing religion. It’s like watching someone pray to a statue of Jesus; totally oblivious to the fact that Jesus himself is standing four feet away reading a book. This is partially due to the fact that most geeks don’t actually know what a unit test is.

The best argument for compiled languages

I keep thinking back to a short comment at BarCamp Manchester in the Unit Testing talk. When asked if anyone had written an app with 100% code coverage the guy beside me raised his hand. Now I’ve been advocating for a while now that it’s essentially wasted time to bother testing your getters and setters, and when I mentioned something to this effect he said, “How do you know you haven’t made a typo in a variable name?

The niftiest little Rails plugin you never heard of

Back in January of 2006 Ezra Zygmuntowicz came up with an exceptionally cool Rails plugin that, IMNSHO, should be in rails core. It’s called ez_where and it’s svn repo is here. What’s so cool about ez_where? Well, the to really understand it’s beauty you have to step back to one of core concepts that’s at the heart of frameworks like Rails: Database Abstraction and Object Relational Mappings. Before these concepts really came into their own we were all writing raw SQL commands in our apps.