On Generic TTRPG Systems

Table of Contents Overview Context It’s all about the fighting I want more The problem is hard If they’re not really generic… Overview I love the idea of generic role-playing games, but as time goes by I find myself caring less and less. Yet, there’s still something great about them. This post explores those thoughts. Context The basic premise of a Generic Tabletop Role-playing game is that you can learn this one system, and then play any kind of game with it.

Why Tabletop Role Playing Games Need Skills

Table of Contents Preface Skills in TTRPGs What’s a Skill Playing Without Skills Why That’s Not Enough How Skills Change Things What about Knowledge Checks? What about Perception & Investigation? Perception Investigation Clarification Conclusion Update Preface A recent episode of the Internet Office Hours: Role-Playing Games podcast was discussing the question of Skill Checks in Tabletop Role Playing Games (TTRPGs) and if they were actually needed. In designing my game I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this, and I thought I’d share my perspective.