Financial Entropy of a Webapp Subscriber


I was consumed with dreams about Stephen Hawking’s black hole entropy formula last night, which is frustrating because the math is, sadly, beyond me. But, I mention it to you today because, knowing so little about black holes my mind instead kept trying to change it into an formula to calculate the Financial Entropy of a webapp subscriber.

So, I put it to you, dear reader, have you, or any of your math enabled friends, come up with a formula for calculating the finincial entropy of a webapp subscriber? If you haven’t, but you could, there are many many entrepreneurs who would sing your praises and happily buy you a drink.

On a related note: a little Googling brings up this fascinating looking book whose price or $199.95 puts it beyond that of anything I’ll buy without having a damn good idea of what exactly is inside. Also, why is it that I never heard the phrase “Financial Entropy” until last night in my dreams?