Convert textual RSS feeds into podcasts

Odiogo will take your blog’s rss feed and run it through a text-to-speech converter so that people can subscribe to it as a podcast. It’ll, obviously, have the same quirks as any other text-to-speech converter and is, probably, limited to English but it’s a pretty nifty idea, even if their name is a total rip-off (Odiogo makes rss into podcasts Odeo manages rss feeds of podcasts). Also, they seem to have done a really good job with the intonation of the computer voice.

Ironically I found out about this from a deaf blog. Creating a podcast via normal means would be tricky for a deaf person (you’d have to edit exclusively by sound wave patterns), and, with no disrespect meant, people born deaf tend to sound a little off when speaking, and I would assume that most of them would lack confidence in their speech. I’m know I would. So, this is a great way for deaf bloggers to offer podcasts. Plus, the idea of listening to a deaf blog is just so wonderfully contradictory.