Sharing a public Darcs repo over HTTP [flow chart]

sharing a public Darcs repo over
http The same friend who wondered about how to share a Git repo over HTTP dared to suggest that “It’s so easy with Hg…”. While I happen to disagree that it’s easier in Hg than Git, I think this flow chart successfully demonstrates that, on this front, Hg and Git both suck ass when compared to Darcs.

P.S. Yes, while 100% factual, the graph is also intentionally silly.

[Update] After considering it more I think think it probably is easier to share a repo with Hg than Git, but I dislike the fact that it involves mucking about with things outside of the repo. You have to set up a CGI. You have to alter a config file that tells it what repos to share and where…. Yes, there’s a built in server you could use but that’s really an edge case. Most of the time you’ll want to leverage an existing web server.