A compromise reached ~ Colorado will be it ~ Barring surprises

I’ve reached a compromise with myself.

Turning around at the first sign of trouble really isn’t me. And, while really annoying and unsettling, the starter issue isn’t a killer. If it happens again I’ll stop at the next Kawasaki dealer I pass. I’m still not happy about driving with an iffy bike though. And, I’m still not sure that this trip is really giving me what I want for the reasons I gave yesterday. But stopping here in the middle of a non-destination, that would suck. “Yes, I drove to nowhere special and turned around.” That just doesn’t work for me.

There’s an interesting road that I’ve been looking forward to checking out in Colorado that’s about a day and a half’s drive away. It’s in the middle of the Rockies and I think it will be a great experience, even if my bike isn’t really suited for dirt roads. it’s also involves heading north off of 50 for a little ways. So, why not make *that* the turning point?

I’m actually happy that I’ve had this problem. It reminds me of the comment we’ve probably all heard a hundred times, that the interesting stuff always happens at the edges. That adventure isn’t what happens when things all go smoothly, but when the unexpected rears its head, when we are tested. And while it sucked at the time, breaking down, getting soaked and sitting here with damp clothes spread around the room as I take the motel’s hair dryer to them every hour or so is the most interesting thing since West Virginia. :)

There’s a campground in the middle of that interesting Colorado road where I think I’ll stay in 2 nights, before making my way back:

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