git status-report

Every week I, and millions of developers like me, have to put together a status report for our bosses, letting them know what we’ve been up to for the previous week. Like most of the developers I’ve encountered I’m always a little unsure of what *exactly* I was working on, and typically I just open up git to see what commits I made, and try to remember any non-code stuff I’ve Thinking it was silly to keep wading through everyone’s commits for the past week to see what I worked on I’ve put it all together in a script (in Ruby) called git status-report, which you can grab from github here.

It outputs a bullet list of all your commits for the past n days, or the commits of one of your fellow contributors. I think I’ll find the latter a great way to keep up on what other folks on my team are working on at the moment.

Usage: git status-report [-e <email>][-d <days>]
Generates a status report for what you worked on for the past n days.
    -a, --all                        Displays output for all contributers sorted by person
    -b, --branches <branch name>     Limit results to work found in the specified branch(es). 
                                         Multiple branches can be comma separated
    -c, --current                    Generates status report for the current repo only
    -d, --days <num days>            The number of days to generate the report for. Defaults to past 6 days (one week)
    -e, --email <email address>      The email address of the committer to generate a report for. 
                                         Defaults to your "git config" address. 
                                         Multiple email addresses can be comma separated.
    -f, --files                      Display a list of files involved in the commit(s)
    -h, --help                       Displays this message
    -r, --reverse                    Displays output in reverse chronological order
    -s, --simple                     Simpler output. Doesn't include the dates
    -v, --verbose                    Verbose output includes details on each commit

Please don’t hesitate to fork the repo on github and make improvements. I’ll happily merge them in to the main one. git-status-report supports will check for commits in all the branches and supports multiple repositories. Check the README for full details.