Want Some Kudos?

I think Dustin Kurtis’ idea of “Kudos” is spectacular. A simple tool for people viewing your post to say “I really appreciated this.” You can see it in action in the upper-right corner of every blog post in the Svbtle blogging network.

I really want to bring it to MObtvse, but first I had to figure out how it worked. So, I’ve put together an example implementation of Svbtle-style Kudos that can be incorporated into your blogging software with a few easy changes.

I want to see Kudos everywhere. I want readers like me to have a way to tell great bloggers like you when you’ve written something great. So, go grab the code and add it to your blog system.


MObtvse now has Kudo support built in. This blog has a different UI implementation from Svbtle’s (and the example repo), but it’s still backed by MObtvse’s new Kudo functionality.

P.S. If you’re looking to add Kudos to your WordPress install checkout the wordpress-svbtle theme from scavone. It’s got them built in, and is where I went to figure out how this works.

P.P.S If you’ve got good CSS chops I’d love to see some improvements on the texts that’s displayed during the animation in the example implementation of Svbtle-style Kudos. Send me a pull request and I’ll happily incorporate it.